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A bit of history of The Tavern at Trails End.  

Likely one of the oldest buildings in the Lake area, the original front part of building is more than 100 years old. The original section was built entirely of logs, and the building also features an old Ozark stone fireplace.  During our recent renovations, we uncovered more of the original log cabin which you can see as soon as you enter the building.

Almost 50 years ago, husband and wife Clarence (Mel) and Shirley Chittum founded “Trails End” as a “set up lounge”.  Customers would visit the outbuilding built on the side of the log cabin – which we have since removed - and purchase their liquor.   The Chittum’s would then sell the mixers for 50 cents a drink and keep the bottles of liquor the customers purchased behind the bar for their next visit.  They expanded the space over time adding on the upper and lower dining areas.  Together they ran the space for 18 years where customers enjoyed delicious food and great drinks!

Back when it was opened for a second time in 1996, the owner – Dolly Baker – found out more information about the building.   The “lounge” – now called The Tavern Parlor - was once the home of two old maid sisters. A slab of old cement now part of the building was also marked with the name, Rambling Rose. According to local lore, the Rambling Rose was run by a lady of the name Jenny Foster and the log cabin was run as a brothel.
 Based on additional stories about The Tavern at Trails End, the place may also be haunted with friendly spirits.

Apparently, there have been a couple of other worldly experiences here in years past.  The previous owner shared her experience with us.  We were told that one night after closing, they were getting ready to lock up when they heard music playing.  When they came back in through the front door, they thought someone had left a radio on. However, when they walked into the lower seating area, it was dark, but you could still see a little and there appeared to be a room full of people with ladies dressed in hoop skirts and men in wigs were ballroom dancing.
 The previous cook at the time also once had a long conversation with a woman in the bar before opening, thinking she was the new waitress, only to find out later from previous owner that the new waitress had called and had decided not to take the job there. The woman had never been there.

We haven’t met any of the friendly spirits here yet, but we sure hope you enjoy our spirits and a delicious meal to go along with it!

Welcome to The Tavern at Trails End because Life’s too Short for Boring Food!